vosao CMS

vosao CMS is a java based CMS for google apps engine : meaning free web host for this free opensource CMS. Not a lot top say on the interface side, the project is notable because it works for Google App Engine. Vosao CMS features include visual (WYSIWYG) editing, friendly URLs, internationalization, parent/child page structure, nested and programmable templates, commenting (with moderation), site import/export, content versioning, security and group management, resource management, captcha, Google Analytics, plugins, input forms, SEO URLs, and more, along with free hosting on the Google cloud.

Ionize CMS : create, publish , enjoy


Built from the Code Igniter template, Ionize CMS comes with a lot of features we love : drag & drop tree structure, multi tyope content (images gallery a just a tab away from the page / article editor), multilingual structure, and a flash based file uploader. Interactions are performed by the mochaUI library, a clean and original Mootools project .  Ionize Project is still young and not very active, and is  a live example of an opensource application  that can afford to survive  without a user forum, even though the Code Igniter forum follows it closely. But we believe with a form maker module Ionize CMS would quickly surpass other simple CMS alternatives such as our beloved silverstripe.

version 0.92 is opensource and version 1 has been released privately

Link : http://www.ionizecms.com/en/

Opensource Webapps monday

The quality of web based open source application is stunning. Here is a selection of newbies for PHP / Mysql users
  • Slimstats is a new player in the web analytics business. Competes with piwik on the real time stats feature that is not in google analytics
  • todoyu is a tasks and project management application
  • OTRS is a perl based  open source trouble ticket system for easily managing support requests in a multi-agent interface. The application can auto-convert e-mails into tickets (e-mail piping) which "eliminates the need of using the web interface" for customers.
  • Razuna is a java based digital asset management software with advanced search tools and collaboration features
  • W-Script is an open source application which is originally aimed at creating "wallpaper download websites". It is a very ideal resource for building any gallery-themed or image-oriented website like CSS galleries, photo galleries ,etc.
  • Backpress is still new but promising : the code has been released from the core of WordPress and is now living its own existence as a framework
  • jcore is a multi site cms
  • Diem Project : symfony + Zend based CMS

Automne : drag & drop cms


One step further into the  drag & drop AJAX cms adminstration we're all looking for : Automne CMS, developped by french based WS Interactive company, implements block management via ext js library features, that come near to a full  drag and drop interface. The content is added in pages through a template based row system that  gives large flexibility over the final layout of the bloks within the page. Learning curve would typically require a few days work before a developer really gets into the multi template system.


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