Making galleries with Drupal…

Making image galleries with Drupal is not an easy task : there a dozens of modules, views and block specifications out there. Here is a list of modules I've tested on 6.15

  • Image tools
    • working with images in drupal is immediately enhanced with the imagecache module that allows administrators to predefine actions for uploaded images : crop, resize, grey, and can be extended
  • Working with file upload
    • Content Construction Kit has the ability to load multiple files per content type, with the FileField type (can be extended to ImageField for imagecachje integration)
    • the fupload module does a good job but the interface is strange  : it requires you to go beyond the node editing form to update images titles for newly created image nodes.
    • itweak is a nice file attachment module that integrates attachments with all content types, using the core upload module
  • Working with views
    • the views_cycle module uses views to format records to a jquery cycle plugin animation
  • Displayin
    • LightBox
    • thickbox
  • Other modules
  • see also
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