Prestashop : quote module (devis)


The quote feature  is  an implementation of a shopping cart within prestashop framework, without the price : we have designed this feature for specific groups, for which we deactivate the price display on the shop.

  • Deactivating price display for specific user group (below : group 2) is a long task that involves 2 different steps
    • in init.php : set the smarty variable around line 116
      $priceDisplayConfig = intval(Configuration::get('PS_PRICE_DISPLAY'));
      if($tmpCust->isMemberOfGroup(2)) $priceDisplayConfig = 3;

      And around line 155

      'priceDisplay' => $priceDisplayConfig
    • use the smarty $priceDisplay variable in the templates to hide prices and change the "cart' (panier in french) to "quote" (devis), example from homefeature.tpl
      {if $priceDisplay<3}{l s='Add to cart' mod='homefeatured'}{else} Ajouter au devis {/if}
  • Quote / Devis module and status :
    • Download and install the "devis" module [download id="7"]
    • create the mails/devis.html and mail/devis.txt and change texts according to your business
    • create the order status "devis en cours" in BackOffice >> Orders >> statuses, check the created id (12 here) and add the following line to :
      define('_PS_OS_DEVIS_EN_COURS', 12);
    • You can optionnally deactivate the order confirmation email in classes/PaymentModule.php, line 288-290, replace the send email to customer test by adding a new condition :
      	// Send an e-mail to customer
      if ($id_order_state != _PS_OS_ERROR_ AND $id_order_state != _PS_OS_CANCELED_ AND $customer->id
      AND $id_order_state != _PS_OS_DEVIS_EN_COURS)

Code Igniter opensource projects

w-script is a nice example of how a good development framework like codeigniter can deliver solid applications. W-Script is a simple wall paper script that comes free opensource with many functions, one them is the color indexing that allows searching colors in pictures.

Create, publish, enjoy : this is the  mission line of ionize CMS, built entirely around Code Igniter, looks very promising as it comes with basic features : drag & drop pages tree, media navigator, permissions...

How I installed sub labels on gmail

while gmail is certainly one of the most professionnal email readers, I still like to sort messages in folders and sub folders the way I used to do in old outlook clients. Even though google tries to promote its wonderful search capabilities, argumenting they remove the need for hierarchical labelling, I can't get it out of my mind, and I 'm not the only one. As of today, is takes a few minutes to configure your PC / chrome navigator to process sub folders.

  1. download the sub folders script from the adresse below and save it  to chrome's directory :
    Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User Scripts
  2. enable user script on your chrome application by using the --enable-user-scripts command line tag,a s sexplained here

10 eshops built with prestashop

In spite of its remarquable popularity, Prestashop still suffers from a complex layout design that makes it quite hard to customize, especially when one  compares with the flexibility of zend framework layouts as they are implemented in Magento. This is why a shop built with prestashop often bears a strong resemblance with the default design, and designers find it hard to get away from the usual 3 column layout with rounded corners block that's presented by default. Below you'll find 10 shop sthat display a good work on prestashop, customized  to a level where  one wonders if this is still Prsetashop behind : yes  is it possible to do opensource ecommerce at a fraction the cost of setting up a Magento shop, and do it well too. It' s intersting to notice that most of these  shops share the common love for the top horizontal drop down menu.