Run multiple sites : case study with wordpress

I am  currently running 4 blogs, hosted on the same server with different installations of WordPress. On the other side, I have started running multiple site on a single installation of Silvesrtripe, my favourite Content Management System. The conclusion is evident : running multiple sites on a single installation is a technical challenge but saves a lot of hours  on regular tasks of securing, maintaining and developping on a specific platform. Of course, this kind of exercise comes with its own risks  : you can get all your sites down in a single error or successful hack attack. But on the other hand, restoring backups would be a single click affair. With WordPress, the MU version enables the devlopment of multiple sites, and we have a full case study, published by WordPressPublisher, inspired by work from Tierra Innovation and WNET.ORG (Channel Thirteen in New York) , who achieved  multiple site development  WordPress MU as a CMS for WNET.ORG’s. The two companies also publish a white paper : How a Non-Profit Media Company Profits from Building Open Source Online Publishing Platform (PDF). Magento, the new and revolutionnary opensource  ecommerce soft, also allows some level of multiple site building : again, we have a technical challenge here but the few days learning curve is worth the effort.

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  1. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    I'm creating a tool that make it easy to run multiple site on one standard installation of wordpress. I've been doing it for awhile, but now I'm packaging it up with an easy installer and nice domain interface.

    Let me know if you'd like to test it out.


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