Web development for IPHONE

Iphone sales are rocketting they say, and I supsect the quality of web browsing on the Iphone is partly responsible for this tremendous success.  Stéphane Caron is a webdevelopper living in Montreal, who has developped a PrettyMobile,a specific web / jquery development framework that produces perfeclty Iphone calibrated web pages. As explained on the PrettyMobile blog page, "prettyMobile is an iPhone/iTouch website development toolkit. It provide you will all the basics you need to make a mobile version of your website. It makes extensive use of CSS transformations making sure the animations will be as smooth as they can be. Plus, it's only 13kb gzipped and minified". The framework includes formatting for a content page, but also for a photo gallery, tabbed content. I've tried it on ipoud touch  and it's quite interesting but the back button is not very useful as it is implemented, it only reproduces the integrated  safari back button.

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