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There are many discussions on whether oscommerce is dead or not. From an industry where every six months new products come online with ever more exciting new features, the longevity of Oscommerce, the first opensource e commerce application, is a good example of a bad designed  application theat does the job well. Os commerce evolution has stopped in 2005, when the first preview of the MS3 version - not yet released as of today - went public. What struck me with tomatocart is the backend interface, based on ext js desktop layout with charts by piwik / openchart flash . More info on

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  1. Lei Zheng
    Lei Zheng says:

    TomatoCart is branched from osCommerce 3. Comparing to osCommerce 2 it is completely redesigned with an object-oriented module-based framework. It is more robust and offer good extensibility. In addition, it supports an excellent template system and it gives store owners full control of managing each page’s contents. Using ExtJS web desktop for administration panel allows store owners to keep several windows open simultaneously; work with several modules such as products, customers and orders at the same time. This offer great usability and improve efficiency a lot.


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