Opensource Time Tracking application

I ust went for a few minutes of time tracking and found that Kimai is really a neat and well designed PHP/ Mysql
/ Jquery opensource application. Designed for multi users, it implements a very  simple one click time tracking  interface : select the project / customer you're working on, click on play, and there you are,  time starts running. close your browser or leave it open, you can come back to the application to stop the counter and your work is tracked in database records that permits all kinds of reports and statistics. Even though the application works well for those who plan to work full time on a single project / task for a few hours  (implying a start  moment and a end moment), it also works well   to handle end of the day assessments by simply writing tasks and times.  Very good job. What could I improve on this ? tags handling as in wordpress !! (telephone, writing, programming...). And instead of a fixed client / project / task hierarchy, probably easier to understand for most users, I would rather have gone for unlimited sub levelled hierarchy of tasks..


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