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Whoever has had the opportunity to work with silverstripeundesrtands  how the drag and drop features can enhance productivity. Modules in Silverstriupe CMS are great but are wholly integrated within the full framework and cannot work without the huge memory and disk overhead that this framework comes with.  I decided to develop my own independent image gallery admin module, using php / mysql / jquery technologies from the examples below.

The idea is to develop a full featured image gallery with backend features, like the one we have for eyelash gallery, product developped by me a few years ago.

This post provides version 0.1  of JQGallery, an administration module for image gallery management. It has been tested on Firefox /Chrome and will not work with IE6. Please note that it is not secure, not to be used as such in a production environment yet.

Let me know if you find bugs. A demo is available here (upload / delete are disabled)

Installation is quite easy :

  1. check that your server matches the following requirements : php 5 / mysql 5
  3. unzip to a folder within htdocs
  4. configure mysql access  in db_mysql.inc.php with database details (server / database / user / password)
  5. manually create the table : load the sql setup file from includes/setup.sql in your database, using phpMyAdmin
  6. check that the apache has read/ write privileges  on the uploads folder
  7. and off you go
  8. come back to use with bug reports and enhancement requests

code samples used to develop JQGalleryAdmin :

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  1. StonKing
    StonKing says:

    For ubaldo on Oct 20, 2009


    Find this file: delete.php in jss/dragdrop folder.
    Open this file with text editor.

    Add this line, before ?>:
    include ("update.php");

    If you deleting the image, then refreshing page automatically.

  2. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi All,
    I'm looking for a developer to upgrade jqgallery.
    I need to add a gallery field in order to see only images where gallery=$_GET['gallery'] and to have this field updated.

    You can contact me daniel@atarim.com

  3. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi Ubaldo,
    I searched your code and the web but did not found a way to add a field.
    I'd like to have an additional field called "gallery" (it may be a $_GET value); I want each picture to belong to a specific gallery.

    Any indication on the way to do it is welcome.
    I will please to share my code once done.

  4. admin
    admin says:

    ok sorry please just add

    before the function

    but if the function fires that probably means there's an sql error somewhere

  5. ubaldo
    ubaldo says:

    but the unction add_notice_messages exist in the global.inc. php

    the error is on another variable
    arr_notice_messages (aRR) and not add_notice_messages ( aDD)

    just a misprint?

  6. admin
    admin says:

    hi Ubaldo, this function is used for mysql error messages

    just create the function add_notice_messages somewhere in the global . php file

    thanks for the bug report

  7. ubaldo
    ubaldo says:

    sorry, I have the answer.
    I testing with safari 4.0.3 and don't refresh the page.

    Another little question:
    when I upload a image there is a problem:
    undefined variable arr_notice_messages
    in jss/swfupload/upload/upload.php

    how can I fix it?

    thanks again


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