EXTJS EditorAutoGrid – CRUD enabled (2)

I have been working on the autogrid (see 1st implementation)  to provide  server based column model tools, including automatic grid layout, column model definition, and editor component definition. Here is a new implementation of  the editor autogrid extension for ext js 2.2 only - see known bug with extjs 3  below-   that now features :

  • AJAX based combo box editor field for n to 1 data relationship reading from AJAX meta columns via data type :
  • GridSearch plugin integration


Download : [download id="3"] - the zip  includes

  • AutoGrid.js : editor auto grid code (exstends EditorGridPanel)
  • taskGrid.js / CatGrid.js : javascript code for the 2 database tables in the  example above (TASKS + CATEGORY).
  • tasks-json.txt :JSON data for main table (TASK)
  • tasks-category-combo-json : JSON data sample for related table data in combobox

Please note that this download does not include server code. among known bugs I can remember the nasty "load twice when doing a search", or the extjs 3.0 rc1.1 "getCellEditor is not a function" error when trying to edit.

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  1. Gregor
    Gregor says:

    pls provide a copy of the json data that comes back from the backend server.

    THS in advise


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