Weekly news : ZF 1.8, EXTJS 3, Magento enterprise

This month has been full of releases. Zend Framework is reaching V1.8 featuring the new Zend_Application interface that instantiantes a preconfigured bootstrap when used via the Zend Tool generator (tutorial here in french). EXT JS, the popular and controversial semi commercial javscript library has reached a new milestone with a 3PR1 release. We've already mentioned Tine20, a new version is out but you want to keep that link where the developers publish a tutorial that explains how to combine EXT JS with Zend Framework.  On the Magento side, version 1.3.1 is out, should fix a lot of bugs but more importantly is the fact that Magento has finally annouced the release of an enterprise edition that starts at 8900$ per server. Nice to know that the company behind the most popular opensource ecommerce application is going to make money on a business model that proves to encourage customers and technicians to adopt this solution for long term development. Redhat did it and it's still around with the FEDORA that's developped independently. Let's hope some features annouced for Magento enterprise will come one day to the opensource product as affordable extensions : Administrator Permission Roles on Website and Store Levels, Private Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions, Category View and Purchase permissions per on customer group , Gift Certificates/Cards are among features that certainly justify some financial investment. Currently we have the Customer Groups Configurable Catalog extension , but obviously you'd have to test that before going ahead in production.

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