ajaXplorer vs extplorer vs ajax file manager


We've not covered PHP based file explorers yet : they are indeed an essential component of any serious web application. When Ajax comes in the game, browsing, uploading and dealing with files is as easy online as it can be on your desktop. Thos willing to develop might be interested in extjs grid views, while application developpers looking for a working and bug free component have the choice of two or three opensource components available. All of them have the following features

  • access control
  • flash based and  / or FTP upload for big files 
  • file viewing / previewing
  • drag and drop folders

The choice is rought. For integration into a Wysiwyg editor such as FCKEDitor, we preferred the  Ajax file manager from PHPLetter because it is light and does not come with a huge infrastructure. For a quick access to web based files, we prefered ExtPLorer because the interface is based on the famous ext js library. As a new challenger on this area, ajaXplorer comes with a nice polished layout (picture above), a MP3 player (DEWPLayer) and a FLV player. But lacks translation into most languages.

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