Magento simple ssh install

The magento wiki has a good article that details how to install Magento with the help of PEAR downloader. We don't need that, just want to install magento via ssh in a few commands, here is the detail. Before you install, make sure you check requirements, especially innoDB option for mysql.


  • go to your root folder and download magento :
  • unzip tar and delete it :
     tar xvzf magento-1.2.1.tar.gz 
    rm magento-1.2.1.tar.gz
  • copy files back to your root folder, including htaccess, then remove the magento dir
     mv magento/* .  

    mv magento/.ht* .
    rmdir magento/


  • chmod / chuser files in order to let apache do its job
    chown magento:users * -R
     for i in $( find . -type d ); do chmod 755 $i; done  

     for i in $( find . -type f ); do chmod 644 $i; done

Not that you mightr have to specify your own permissions in the last command. If you've got there, That's it, you're ready to run the installer, GOOD LUCK. Core upgrades can be done via the Magento Downloader.

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