Kaltura releases All-in-One Video Module for Drupal / WordPress

Kaltura, the platform that brought open source to video and enabled groups to edit and collaborate with online video, has released a video module for the open source Drupal CMS. Kaltura's platform includes an easily customizable set of widgets that seamlessly integrate into video applications on web platforms of any kind. Publishers can deploy existing widgets and apps or take advantage of Kaltura's open architecture in order to develop new ones. Whether you need a basic online video platform or one with a robust set of advanced features – Kaltura has a solution for you. Our open framework provides everything you need to design, develop, and deploy rapid and cost-effective video applications on any site.

The module for Drupal adds 4 content types nodes :

  • A Kaltura Media Node is a simple method for creating and displaying rich media (Video, Audio or Image). It allows upload from local computer and supports almost all video and audio formats, as well as recording directly from webcam. In addition it supports easy import of all rich media (video, audio, pictures...) from other sites and social networks, such as YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, CCMixter, Jamendo, New York Public Library, any URL on the web etc
  • A Kaltura Media Remix (image above) is an intuitive way to create a mashup of rich-media. Similar to the Kaltura Media Node, a Remix allows upload and import of rich media, but adds the power of online video editing. Each Media Remix encapsulates a "Remix" button linking to a simple to use online video editor that supports trimming videos, transitions, effects, sound-tracks, remixing, reordering videos, overlays, and collaborative editing
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