Upload big files (2) : NAS UPLOADER

Ever experienced trouble uploading files to wordpress (popular opensource blog platform), silverstripe (popular my favourite opensource CMS), or any application using swf upload ? Weeks after the bug has been identified, I have to admit I am wondering about the reactivity of SWFupload team : the version that fixes the bug was out a few days later but is currently still beta. And this is not some minor bug, all platforms that upgraded to flash 10 lost their ability to upload files ! Anyway, no doubt swfupload  version 2.2 final will be out before the end of the year, in the meanwhile you can try NAS UPLOADER, nice alternative that does the job too. Big plus, comes with a nice layout. Big minus, you can't stop uploading after you've started and finally decided your file is too big to go through your small ADSL upload capacity...

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