Silverstripe 2.3 CMS new features

We are actively testing Silverstripe 2.3 rc2, the lastest candidate for imminent new release of Silverstripe CMS / CMF. Among very efficient code upgrade and efficiency improvements, we love the following feature enhancements and definitely recommend professionnals to engage in learning this  Content Management framework that fits CMS and  website development, including the administration and layout of dynamic image galleries.

  • Security new features : possibility to select multiple groups for viewing and administration privileges
    What would be nice now : integrate the user import function from the newsletter module (see our post on how to do this for version 2.2)
  • Wysiwyg editor new features : possibility to insert predefined template was missing for webmasters wishing to go beyond the single layout  for each page type. Editors can now choose between predefined templates where content is structured in various configuration (read on for instructions on how to set that up).
    What would be nice now : display a small preview of the layout, like typo3 does. Or integrate on demand page component addition (example : on demand HTML editors, list types, gallery types in one page)
  • Other promising features (not tested) : data CRUD scaffolding, Update to TinyMCE 3.2, HTML flash code is now full XHTML compliant!

Note :

  • 2.3 rc 2 - how to set up template chooser
    1. open up  file cms\javascript\tinymce.template.js
    2. edit the template_templates array (line 36)  and type :
      template_templates : [
      { title : "Two column", src : "assets/templates/2col.html", description : "2 column layout"},
      { title : "Three column", src : "assets/templates/3col.html", description : "3 column layout"}
    3. create folder assets/templates and create 2col.html and 3col.html files in assets/templates folder
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