Magic toolbox Zoom, magnify, thumbnail : how to convert opensource

Go for a ride on magic toolbox 's website, try the 3 effects, and be tempted to purchase the tiny javascript that does the job for you : yes, the packed file you will receive after this small contribution is worth the money asked. But a few clicks away lies... the same magic, with opensource license and no server count obligation. Look no further :  Jquery has its own magnify effect, implemented by Huy Dinh. TJP ZOOM is another example of the effect, implemented with plain DHTML / Javascript. For the thumbnail effect, look for one of many light box implementations, such as ThickBox (nice), LightBox (very nice) or NyroModal (not bad either). And for the zoom effect, we'll leave you back to your imagination and javascript skill, combined with various samples from plugins above. Or alternatively you can come back to magic toolbox and give a few bucks.

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  1. Jonas
    Jonas says:

    I really feel that as developers we cannot allow this type of greed to go unpunished and I will be doing what I can to spread the word about free alternative and better resources in cases like this.

    Like this awesome one :

    Oh yeah, it's free. Some of us don't need to rip off our fellow developers to make a living. Don't stand for this type of bullsh.. developers like this should be blacklisted.

    Where there are no alternatives and you write something interesting, give back. We all learned the same way and it wasn't by shelling out money to some punk for a crappy image toolbox.

    What an embarassment.

  2. Magic Toolbox
    Magic Toolbox says:

    Thanks for the kudos 🙂

    More reasons to buy from the original Magic Toolbox website:

    - Free 30 minutes of tech support.
    - Lean code that works in all major browsers.
    - We don't rely on a JavaScript library.
    - We frequently release new features.
    - We reply to all emails fast.
    - There is no "server count obligation" as suggested in this post.



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