100 best Content management solutions

EcontentMag, onlinep publication that reviews content management software, has just issued the result of the eighth annual EContent 100, a list of companies that matter most in a digital content industry that involves many domains : Classification & Taxonomy, Collaboration, Content Commerce, Content Creation-Production- and Digital Publishing, Content Delivery, Content Management, Content Security, Fee-Based Info Services, Intranets & Portals, Mobile Content, Search Engines & Technologies, Social Media. The 12 categories that structure this yearly competition illustrate the complexity of an industry that's slowly  growing to the age of adulthood : opensource and proprietary solutions compete in a universe where even the low wage workers of India are quickly switching to western standards. The global economic crisis will certainly highlight the difficulty to maintain costly and complex solutions while simple, efficient and often free solutions will prove stronger as ever. By the way, Worpress 2.7 is out !!

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