Prestashop : How to setup thumbnail / combination link

The ability to make mulitple products out on one for size, color or other speicifications, is a great feature of Prestashop, but on small display trick is missing. Prestashop's default template (v1.1) includes the automatic resizing of multiple images for a product. It also allows the administrator / editor to specify one of the product images for each combination. As a result, the front end display of the product will let the combination select box interact with the mbig image display : here we explain how to modify the product template to let the thumbnail click act onthe combination choice.

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How to install magento free themes

Well you've finally decided you're going to switch to Magento for building ecommerce website. While new versions of Magento coming up regularly make the learning curve easier to climb, be prepared for at least a few days before you can use magento's features to its best. This article explains the few tricks and tips that will start you off with variations on the basic design of magento's default installation.

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host videos with ostube

(Press release) we are pleased to announce the availability of osTube 2.3!

Our core development team for the osTube 2.x branch again did an amazing job and brought over 150 enhancements and bugfixes to the framework. Moreover, the database and their queries were optimized so that the performance of database queries could be significantly increased (up to 150%, depending on the queries).

And the very best: Our flash developers finished the new media player so that we could bundle it with the current release. The new player is now widescreen (16:9), faster (ActionScript3 code) and has a lot of new settings that you can play with. All osTube Professional (Plus) Edition owners will be happy to hear that all video ad's are now fully integrated directly into the player and that external websites (when embedded) will also show the advertisements.

As you know, AUVICA introduced a daily forum support since version 2.0 in 2007. This year AUVICA has sponsored a new core developer that will take care of the future updates in the next years. His name is Andreas and you will see him around here or in the forum once in a while.

Andreas will also take care of regular minor updates where needed.

The most important enhancements for 2.3 are:

• Easy updater for osTube versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2
• Brand-New ViMP Mediaplayer in widescreen (16:9) with even more options
• Sidebar integration for related or further media directly in the media player
• "Lights off"-Mode that will automatically darken the browser window when watching videos
• Google Maps Support to geotag media and users
• Optimized Rich-Text-Editor for description fields
• Easy Google analytics integration from within the admin panel
• Database and SQL Query optimizations
• Refined template structure to add custom layout
• Thumbnails are optimized
• plus over 150 smaller enhancements and bugfixes

Silverstripe : tinymce improvements for image handling

The image button on the tinymce instance of silverstripe html text fields is really nice and well layed out : it gives editors one of the best text / image integration, with a minimum user actions that's both powerful, intuitive, and reactive thanks to AJAX calls to the folder structure.

One small drawback is that it comes with one small feature that can be annoying at times, especially when you're looking for inserting images without resampling them, especially for transparent images or tight image integration / quality that Silverstripe resampling functions (PHP based) cannot match (check out the original image hack).

Image size limit feature

In silverstripe, when you select a big image, width and height are automatically resized to a maximum of 600 pixels. Quick hackers might want to deactivate this feature by commenting the resize algorithm in cms/code/ThumbnailStripField.php (lines 73/80 of 2.3 rc2).

But for those who want the best of both worlds (enjoy limitation AND allow original size), here is a hack that will allow editors to choose between the limited image size (max 600, very useful for huge uploads straight from high definition camera) and the original size (very useful for reasonable image size, like example here of 800). Next trick would be to allow editor to type in width and height with automatic calculation of the image proportion. We're getting closer to photoshop indeed.

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100 best Content management solutions

EcontentMag, onlinep publication that reviews content management software, has just issued the result of the eighth annual EContent 100, a list of companies that matter most in a digital content industry that involves many domains : Classification & Taxonomy, Collaboration, Content Commerce, Content Creation-Production- and Digital Publishing, Content Delivery, Content Management, Content Security, Fee-Based Info Services, Intranets & Portals, Mobile Content, Search Engines & Technologies, Social Media. The 12 categories that structure this yearly competition illustrate the complexity of an industry that's slowly  growing to the age of adulthood : opensource and proprietary solutions compete in a universe where even the low wage workers of India are quickly switching to western standards. The global economic crisis will certainly highlight the difficulty to maintain costly and complex solutions while simple, efficient and often free solutions will prove stronger as ever. By the way, Worpress 2.7 is out !!

Magic toolbox Zoom, magnify, thumbnail : how to convert opensource

Go for a ride on magic toolbox 's website, try the 3 effects, and be tempted to purchase the tiny javascript that does the job for you : yes, the packed file you will receive after this small contribution is worth the money asked. But a few clicks away lies... the same magic, with opensource license and no server count obligation. Look no further :  Jquery has its own magnify effect, implemented by Huy Dinh. TJP ZOOM is another example of the effect, implemented with plain DHTML / Javascript. For the thumbnail effect, look for one of many light box implementations, such as ThickBox (nice), LightBox (very nice) or NyroModal (not bad either). And for the zoom effect, we'll leave you back to your imagination and javascript skill, combined with various samples from plugins above. Or alternatively you can come back to magic toolbox and give a few bucks.

Upload big files (2) : NAS UPLOADER

Ever experienced trouble uploading files to wordpress (popular opensource blog platform), silverstripe (popular my favourite opensource CMS), or any application using swf upload ? Weeks after the bug has been identified, I have to admit I am wondering about the reactivity of SWFupload team : the version that fixes the bug was out a few days later but is currently still beta. And this is not some minor bug, all platforms that upgraded to flash 10 lost their ability to upload files ! Anyway, no doubt swfupload  version 2.2 final will be out before the end of the year, in the meanwhile you can try NAS UPLOADER, nice alternative that does the job too. Big plus, comes with a nice layout. Big minus, you can't stop uploading after you've started and finally decided your file is too big to go through your small ADSL upload capacity...

Jquery modal prompt

If you've tried the impromptu jquery plugin, you're probably left with some frustrating feeling, finding that  such an easy solution for javascript alert, confirm and prompt replacement, could be enhanced by a nicer graphic design. Replacing the "X'" letter by a now standard close button, just like can be found on facebox, could do the job. But then why not benefit default facebook style layout and use the whole facebox plugin, or go for another stylish modal jquery plugin, such as jModal... A few lines of javascript code will easily replace the prompt function, just like the lines of code from the example below.
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Jquery popeye : galleries, differently

The popularity of javascript lightboxes has spread over the internet and no serious webmaster could think of displaying images without a specific thumbnailer and / or a dynamic slider of popup. The author of jQuery.popeye had  seen enough lightboxes and decided to implement his own box that features the advantage of being integrated like an image, with comments written below and navigation buttons.

Silverstripe 2.3 CMS new features

We are actively testing Silverstripe 2.3 rc2, the lastest candidate for imminent new release of Silverstripe CMS / CMF. Among very efficient code upgrade and efficiency improvements, we love the following feature enhancements and definitely recommend professionnals to engage in learning this  Content Management framework that fits CMS and  website development, including the administration and layout of dynamic image galleries.

  • Security new features : possibility to select multiple groups for viewing and administration privileges
    What would be nice now : integrate the user import function from the newsletter module (see our post on how to do this for version 2.2)
  • Wysiwyg editor new features : possibility to insert predefined template was missing for webmasters wishing to go beyond the single layout  for each page type. Editors can now choose between predefined templates where content is structured in various configuration (read on for instructions on how to set that up).
    What would be nice now : display a small preview of the layout, like typo3 does. Or integrate on demand page component addition (example : on demand HTML editors, list types, gallery types in one page)
  • Other promising features (not tested) : data CRUD scaffolding, Update to TinyMCE 3.2, HTML flash code is now full XHTML compliant!

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Wysiwyg image mapping with Prestashop

Prestashop is an amazing example of very specific features that benefit large audiences : the new version 1.1 is still in beta stage but the image mapping feature is really impressive.  The objective  described in the products section of prestashop admin manager,  allows the administrator to select portions of a category image, link areas to a specific product,  all this stuff is linked to the products database, in a process that saves thousands of repetitive work  : "When a customer hovers over the image with the mouse, a pop-up appears displaying a brief description of the product. The customer can then click to open the product's full product page. To achieve this, please define the 'mapping zone' that, when hovered over, will display the pop-up. Left-click with your mouse to draw the four-sided mapping zone, then release. Then, begin typing the name of the associated product. A list of products appears. Click the appropriate product, then click OK. Repeat these steps for each mapping zone you wish to create. When you have finished mapping zones, click Save Image Map." The interface uses the jquery imgareaslect plugin and the result below proves that Rich Application Interface is not any more for the rich only.