Silverstripe howto : import group users

Developping new functions in Silverstripe CMS is not easy task  : documentation of the framework is good enough for most web site development tasks but when it comes to specific functions, we know the potentiality is there but lack specific API documentation. It took me a few hours and a lot of brain energy to find out how to ... duplicate the newsletter recipient import function to have it work for users and groups. Objective was to let my own customer import hundreds of his own customers. Done, tested to a certain extent, click here for more on Silverstripe's dedicated thread.

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  1. Niels
    Niels says:

    Sam issue here SS 2.3.4

    Opening the uri: /admin/security/ gives me: "Action 'security' isn't allowed on class CMSMain"

    Is there an easy way to implement this function in newer Silverstripe-versions?


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