modX 2 : first opensource ext js cms ?

I have to admit that the race for the best opensource content management software is an exciting one. Years pass and technology goes ahead but some names have the capacity to stay  on track : in 2007 modx was, in my opinion, the best PHP CMS I could implement for customers. 2008 saw an impressive competitor come up as a reliable solution, including a powerful development framework : Silverstripe version 2.2 is a must, with a simple tree based navigation and drag&drop page structure management as most visible features. Automatic image resizing, online image editing, flexible database structure, are features now common in silverstripe, sometimes shared with modx or other competitors (check out JOJOCMS, Concrete5 or even the old WordPress !!). Of course on the development side of the moon, 2008 also celebrated the ever increasing popularity of Zend framework on the server side, and EXTJS  on the client side : those 2 powerful libraries have little implementation examples, but that is changing quickly too : the latest pre release version of MODX CMS, code named revolution,  is demonstrating the use of EXT JS to an extent that's going to make 2009 a new era for opensource content management solutions !

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  1. Jay Gilmore
    Jay Gilmore says:

    Thanks for posting about modx CMS. Silverstripe is coming along nicely as a publishers alternative to modx.

    A couple of things of note. First: Revolution 2.0.0 is not the code name but the public release title for the next generation of modx. This was the 0.9.7 branch until July 14th of 2008 (Bastille Day in France).

    In addition, while the current backend UI uses ExtJs it is not tied to modx so much as its a means to an end. We may opt to go with a different JS library at the back end but there may also be additional back end interfaces as the new back end is merely an interface to the API and not tied to the core.

    That being said, if you haven't downloaded the current alpha (five as of this post) please try it out ( Its quite fun to play with. If you haven't the stomach for apps not fully baked and want to try out modx please check it out here: .


    Jay Gilmore
    modx CMS Community Development and Marketing.


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