Magento promotions : flexibility in the form of rules

Promotions are always a result of  complex  marketing strategies : making them real on ecommerce involves either analytic programmation, or default product features : most ecommerce application come with product promotions schema, based on percentage or price reduction. In Magento, complex rules can be implemented from within the interface, that cover a wide variety of busines cases : based on shopping cart total, shipping method, product / attribute combination, or product characteristics, Magento offers various promotion modes, such as percentage of the original price, fixed reduction, fixed destination price... Well done Magento for this new implentation of a generic feature that will answer a lot of business needs.

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  1. punith
    punith says:

    I’ve tried making a coupon code for free shipping on orders over $50 and being shipped inside the US. I cant seem to get it working. Here is what I’ve done:

    - status “active”
    - all groups
    - code: “freeshipping”
    - uses: 999


    - subtotal greater than 50
    - shipping country is united states


    - discount amount: 0
    - Free shipping: for shipment with matching items

    entering this coupon code does not give free shipping


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