Silverstripe Jquery gallery module

Silverstripe CMS, currently relying on prototype for javascript and AJAX interactions, seems to be moving slowly to JQUERY : while contributors and developers might think this is a good move, I personnally wonder about the effort required for such a migration on an interface that relies heavily on AJAX. Anyway, I provide below a quick hack opf the famous gallery module, with the following modifications (demo coming soon) :

  • uses jquery's lightbox implementation of modal galleries.
  • implements GalleryFolder Page type that displays first thumbnail of each gallery sub page

How to : setup jquery  gallery for silvestripe

  • download jquery and add the requirement to your main page OR gallery page
  • download gallery-jquery for silverstripe (384ko) and install it as gallery module
  • flush your database (/db/build?flush=1)
  • include GalleryPageContent in your template or GalleryFolderContent

that should be it, have fun

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  1. Matt Ricks
    Matt Ricks says:

    Hey, maybe you could help me...

    I install everything correctly, added the page, then I get this error when I view it.

    [Warning] file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Filename cannot be empty

    Not sure how to fix this. Thanks


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