Ken Burns effect : 3 solutions for smooth image transition

Remember MonoSlideShow ? It's worth its price but is being challenged by 2 javascript alternatives. Mootols and Jquery respectively handles nice image transitions with Ken Burns effect (Zoom-Translation combined movement) ,  via their SlideShow Class (Mootols) and CrossSlide plugin (Jquery). While the latter seems lighter, it offers the nice programmatic syntax to define exactly the level of zoom and time of transition for each image. The former has more options, such as a controller that mimics Monoslideshow's own mimic. The fact that these two alternative to a flash commercial applet might decide you to make a smart choice between them ?

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  1. Maurice
    Maurice says:

    Well, not quite... the ken burns effect looks like crap on Windows. And the reason is that the OS cannot scale images worth a darn on the fly as it does not have the bicubic scaling that the Mac OS has built in. It was a bummer to find this out, after all of the work of implementing MooTools 1.2, only to find it SUCKS on Windows for scaling 🙁


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