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What I like about gmail is not its interface : while it's certainly one of the most accessible web based mail interface, it lacks powerful features from the desktop world. But we don't like it only for its interface, we also like the fact that it kills spams very efficiently. Spam is the issue, and that's where OtherInbox, Austin-based start-up and web service founded by serial entrepreneur and email-marketing guru Joshua Baer, fires. OtherInbox is described as  the cure for email overload - it provides consumers with a free email account that automatically organizes newsletters, social networking updates, coupons and receipts from online purchases so that its easy to find the most interesting things and ignore the rest. OtherInbox shows the consumer who is really responsible for sending them spam and gives them a powerful new Block button to stop it once and for all. OtherInbox launched publicly in September 2008 at TechCrunch50. Served by Ruby On Rails,  powered by sproutcore, otherinbox has gone through a new step in the world of free web based mail readers. Thinking of Migrating ?

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  1. Joshua Baer
    Joshua Baer says:

    I agree, Gmail has one of the best spam filters around. However, there is a lot more to OtherInbox than just making it easy to stop spam. For a full comparison of OtherInbox and Gmail, visit

    OtherInbox is in private beta right now, but for readers of the Webmaster Bulletin here is a link that will let 25 people bypass the waiting list and try out the beta right now. Grab them before they are used up!


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