CMS compare : Concrete5, WordPress, Silverstripe

This article makes a quick comparison of 3 popular PHP  Content management Systems :  Concrete5, Silverstripe and WordPress. While Concrete5 and Silverstripe are two real content management frameworks, WordPress is hugely popular as a blogging platform and each new version brings new feature that make it perfectly usable as a CMS, provided you install specific plugins such as PageMash.

Among these 3 popular content management solutions, each on has its own specific features. In a few words

  • WordPress is perfect for community based content websites
  • Silverstripe is perfect for basic page management in a multiple level hierarchy, with limited user rights and priviliege system
  • Concrete5 is ideal for large organisations with complex user groups and workflow schemas

what they have in common : features we compare

  • unlimited hierarchy structure with drag and drop reordering
  • a visual form editor
  • flexible data schema for tables and records
  • wysiwyg editing with advanced media management

comparison table

Page Management
inline editing YES YES YES
drag & drop pages reordering
PageMash plugin YES YES


site wide + code based page types + template / per page per page type (code based)
programmatic content type *** ****** *****
version control YES YES YES
version compare YES YES (requires python) YES
File / media upload
unlimited file size (swfupload) YES YES YES
wysiwyg form maker YES
cforms2 plugin
form page type


validation YES NO YES
CAPTCHA protection YES NO NO
form confirmation message text editor NO wysiwyg editor (additional field in page)
entry list YES
basic HTML - no delete button
basic html - no delete button
9 replies
  1. Nando Au
    Nando Au says:

    You may want to review Concrete5 latest version since it includes captcha and form confirmation message either in the forms page itself or a new page



  2. Chad Cantrell
    Chad Cantrell says:

    I think your C5 info is misleading. C5 does in fact have Captcha, validation is easily done, confirmation on forms is included.

    I think if you are going to try and better the web community with a resource, then you should at least have up to date information available.

    You don't cover any of the MAJOR client/sales/large scale benefits that would embarras Wp and SS. Such as in-context front end editing, advanced page, addon, and template permissions.

    To say this study and information is lacking in data/facts would be a robust understatement.

  3. HelloNingbo
    HelloNingbo says:

    THANK YOU for this useful review !!
    There are quite a lot of users trying to find a CMS where one can concentrate on adding content rather than spending weeks on tuning the soft and coding addons.
    Although WordPress is more blog orientated, these 3 CMS target on easy learning curve and interface and that's really great !
    Btw, Concrete5 and Silverstripe seem quite similar (at least when you see their dashboard), could be interesting to have a more detailed comparison about these 2...


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