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The Foozoo design studio blog does not display images on its front page : black and white is the color of sobriety. Inside pages will feature, obviously, images, plus a nice soft blue font that highlights margins and  Based on the very simple Hemingway-19 theme for wordpress, Foozoo adds a few very interesting plugins. Most interesting is the WP-cumulus plugin that transforms the original tag cloud to a real Flash based sphere with mouse 3D effect.

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  1. Specializing in small business websites
    Specializing in small business websites says:

    I am looking for a good program that makes it easy to update websites to a current state everyday. This includes text, uploading images and so on. A program that also integrates photo editing programs like Fireworks, Photoshop etc. In the past I have been mostly just coding by notepad iterations, this works for initial development, but for updating it seems that this is inefficient. I wanted to get some opinions from the pros. Thank you..

  2. Web Host Reviews
    Web Host Reviews says:

    I thought that wordpress only made simple blog sites... I had know idea it could perform the duties of a content mgt system site.


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