Flash CMS goes opensource with SILEX GPL

Is full wyisiwyg still possible in a world of multiple technology convergence ? Working with Flash has many drawbacks among which HTML Search engine optimization is one of the most important. Silex CMS tackles with that issue and many more. And this opensource GPL FLASH CMS provides more than just content management via Flash based interface.

Content Management in Silex is based on pages containing multiple layers. Theming is a root feature of the software that includes sample corporate, audio book, gallery book template. While we find navigation on the main website difficult, we think the idea of a flash based cms is worth considering.

Multilingual ability : The new multilingual functionality is used to provide you with a website in English and French and soon in Spanish. Nothing was duplicated, just like the software itself it switches automatically to the appropriate language and you are able to switch from a language to another during navigation.

SEO : html equivalent of your SILEX websites is generated on the fly for search engines mostly. each page of each application has its own url ! Useful to send a link to a specific page by e-mail and provides instant deep linking ability

more at http://silex-ria.org/

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