Concrete5, a new kind of framework based cms

New kind .. not really.. What is new with concrete 5 is that it takes all the best from best cms applicatins all over the planet : just like silverstripe, a powerful framework is the foundation of this user oriented cms. Just likie Typo3, you can easily browse the site and click edit to change some details of the content and / or structure... I haven't had the time to go around it yet but will talk about it more deeply soon. In the meanwhile let us know what you think.

Press Release - Portland Oregon - July 14th, 2008

Concrete CMS was first developed in 2003 as commercial enterprise software. Headquartered in Portland, OR, the Concrete team had always been proponents and enthusiastic users of open source, but until this year had only released full source code to their clients for a fee. Now at O'Reilly OSCON 2008, concrete5 will be released to the public under the MIT License, a popular and nonrestrictive open source license.

“We built our own CMS because we thought it should be easy for anyone to run a website, and the tools available simply sucked at the time.” Says Franz Maruna, CEO of concrete5. “From the get-go we knew features like edit as you surf and WYSIWYG were key. There’s a DIY ethic that we think is part of what makes the web great, you shouldn’t intimidate your site owner with a complicated interface. We prefer clients who want to get their hands dirty and experiment.”

After years of selling their CMS to large organizations, including the Ad Council and Fujitsu, the Concrete team had a realization: they were losing sight of what mattered. Franz continues, “we could have hired some slick sales team and kept hunting after huge checks from big clients. Frankly as we all got older, building some big corporate site became less interesting than many of the smaller projects creative individuals came up with. Our team shares a passion that open communication though technology has the power to save the world, and we felt like we had a great tool that wasn’t getting in as many hands as we’d like.”

It’s been approximately six weeks since alpha versions of concrete5 started appearing on, and the response has been though the roof. Thousands of copies have been downloaded and the Concrete team is answering questions from bright developers around the world. Andrew Embler, CTO says, “Every morning I wake up and get to see emails from people as far as Japan, Brazil, and Switzerland asking questions and giving kudos. We've always tried to offer solutions that are as easy for developers to develop with as they are for site owners to use, and hearing compliments from people who used to see you as competition has been great.” Feedback from an international community has helped steer architecture decisions, like the importance of multilingual support, and implementing Data Portability efforts like OpenID, OpenAuth and RDF for data exchange between concrete5 and other solutions like Drupal.

Even with the code free and open, there is a revenue model surrounding concrete5. While the entire code base is available for download at, a separate destination geared toward small business offers pre-built starting points for common challenges. “We firmly believe that great web-design is a process not a product,” explains Franz. “But lets be direct – for businesses like doctors, lawyers or even small software companies – there’s a fair amount about a site’s architecture and content that’s pretty safe to make some assumptions about.” Just as anyone can go to and get a good looking blog live in a couple of hours over your weekend, will let organizations easily create sites that actually serve their business objectives.

“Going open source is not at all what I expected,” says Kate Welch, Producer. “It’s really exciting to go from a little shop in rainy Portland, Oregon to fielding questions from around the world. Launching our first stable release at OSCON, which happens to be in our own back yard, seems like a match made in heaven!”

About Concrete CMS
Concrete CMS Inc is based in Portland, Oregon and has been a full service interactive media firm since 2001. They have worked for a wide range of clients including Logitech, the National Guard, and Kettle Foods. They have a long history of helping smaller organizations like Rock Camp for Girls and the Wordstock Festival get online with a great web presence. The Concrete team routinely wins Summit Creative Awards, was nominated for People’s Choice Webby in 2005, and won’s #1 Site of 2007 for They wake every day eager to make the web a useful place.

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