Code generators for Flex

You've heard about Flex technology, have done your best with PHP Mysql and Javascript, would like to implement CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) generation for RIA (Rich Interface Applications). Here is a review of several posts that publish code generation FLEX.

  • flexamfphpgenerator is built on top of AMFPHP, Cairngorm, PHP and Flex 2.01
    it reads Mysql's information schema data and foreign keys and generates in place validators, datepickers, checkboxes and textinputs on our forms and generated full Command/Event/Model/Controller classes.
    Google Code Download is here
  • This tutorial uses POG (PHP Object Generator) , plus Flex and AFMPHP
  • FCG is an AIR application which primary goal is to automatically provide the base code for your RemoteObject based Flex applications. Basically, it means that it reads some code from the server side, and creates a bunch of MXML and AS files to boost your productivity. Its goal is not to create a ready-to-use application, but to provide the tools you need to do so as quickly as possible.
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