Silvestripe’s image editing feature

Sometimes, the most apparently useless feature is one that reveals great ambitions : In spite of its wonderful administration layout that is one of the most usable content management systems, we focus today on one aspect of Silverstripe Admin interface : the image editing feature.

Online image editing, What for ?

Not many web basede content management systems come with a full featured image editing program
: this task is best performed by of line programs, such as Photoshop, GIMP, or even small applications such as the famous VSO Resizer.

But when you come to publish many many pages daily, or if your business requires more than just web publishing, you might want to save seconds, and that's where inline image editing comes in : once you've found the perfect illustration for that article or page, you browse yuour workstation and put online. And then SH.... , size and cropping are not perfect : why should you have to go back to your workstation instead of using your favourite CMS inline image editing feature ?

Crop, resize, a few clicks away

in Silverstripe, image editing is accessible via the File Manager (Files and Images) menu : open an image file and click edit : a full screen pops up and displays a few nice tools you always need when working a your website. Crop, resize, basically, is the minimum for arranging images best. Other web based applications could use this feature : I have tested PHPLETTER's ajax file manager, which integrates its own AJAX image editor !! I think Modx Content Management Framework has worked on this feature too, but I have not tested it yet.

Server performance issues

The only setback to such a powerful idea is that image processing can be a heavy load on a sahred hosting environment : if you can afford a strong processor for your website, then have a go at it. Otherwise, be careful when uploading and manipulating big images : your front end might experience temporary shutdowns...

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