JotForm, Form making for everyone

There is a lot to say about the knowledge of making forms for the internet : we have recently covered form making interfaces on applications such as WordPress and Silverstripe, and this article focuses on JOTFORM and other hosted web service that let its registered users build form, and save them as HTML to be displayed on any website, and processed by a distant platform hosted by the service. Submission can then be sent by email or kept on server databases for access from registered user account. While JOTFORM seems relatively simple compared to competitor FormAssembly's conditional multiple page infrastructure, it hosts interesting features such as payment gateway processing.

Data Types : most of these hosted platform handle various datatypes, such as the basic text input textarea, filetype, dropdown or more advanced date picker component.

Workflow : the birth of Floov, in the word of its website, bring a new visual feature to the building of complex form : With Floov, "you can create forms (or pages as we call them) and link them together in a graphical view, and apply business rules that would specify how to branch from one page to another. Thus dawns the concept of an "information flow" - a mechanism for online data capture with much broader possibilities over the conventional single page web-form or questionnaire."

Reporting : while collecting data is easy, it's only the first step of data gathering : services that offer advanced reporting tools, such as statistics and charts, are available, on Wufo and FormAssembly for instance.

Translation : remember Silvestripe's tricky translation of form validation rules ? I find that FormAssembly is the most advanced in terms of internationalization : it already delivers localized forms in 30 languages !!

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