Ajax based universal data manager

Ever been through the nightmare of planning to unify all data sources your business is dealing with ? Ever thought of what could happen to sensitive data when you're travelling all around the world, physically or virtually, aggregating experience and datasources from all over the place  ? Seems that web based content and data managment is a must these days, and it pays to look at ajax based software from California based Informatica, which develops its application on the basis of SmartClient library. SmartClient library is part commercial, part GPL  : you can download client side libraries and develop your own modules to serve data to JSON, XML, or whatever data format you can handle to provide. PowerCenter, that's the name you want to remember when searching for data unification and centralization, accessible anywhere. Migration, synchronisation, warehousing are common tasks accomplished by PowerCenter Enterprise Platform, for which the AJAX based client side we could experience is only the visible part of the infrastructure iceberg it aims to support.

These data integration challenges include building multi-terabyte data warehouses, migrating off legacy systems, synchronizing operational data stores, consolidating applications and gaining a holistic view of all relevant data. PowerCenter 8 allows customers to process unstructured, semi-structured and structured data in a single, unified environment. It is estimated that unstructured data -- including spreadsheets, e-mail, Microsoft Word files, presentations and .PDF documents -- represents up to 90 percent of the information within today's enterprise. With PowerCenter 8, customers can tap into the wealth of enterprise data that was previously accessible only through time-consuming and expensive custom programming.

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